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MUNEX, little wonder, works as a position control for your vehicles. No matter if for separate vehicles or in combination with a large armada, MUNEX catches as a black-box GPS-data and sends them to your personal web interface. Not only the positioning is clearly represented but also much additional information will be delivered free.

To react much faster in a tougher competition MUNEX shows also which driver remains where and when and makes a quicker coordination for customer requests much easier. The driver who is next takes the job -> requests and wishes of the customer will be completed quickly and much efficient.

Technical details as sea level, mileage and tachometer display will be also delivered as the current driving style, control of the tank cap or the full check on the charging level. SMS or Email can be sent as an anti-theft protection to the central office to react suddenly. MUNEX allows you each time to check if the firing is on or off or if the doors are opened or closed. By the velocity profile you find out every emergency braking and you have also the control if the driver activates clutch, brakes or fuel pedal.

Even in foreign countries no data will be get lost if the use of roaming is deactivated because of financial reasons. Data will be completed suddenly after entering in roaming free areas. Actually no information gets lost with MUNEX- it is possible, only with a push on a button to call up every driven kilometre of the last months and to react in the case of need. By the complete transparency, recording and detailed reporting a performance record for every driver is possible.

MUNEX is available as Smart, Basic, Advanced, Premium and Embedded and can be used for every vehicle. For our customers who need exclusively a positioning for trucks or passenger cars with fix embedded box, MUNEX Basic will be the best solution. MUNEX can be handled very easily and helps to spare time and money what is economic and profitable.

Especially for the mineral oil industry but also for every other trade the FMS:CAN Analyzer allows a complete function control without lap-top which is able to find out if communication between the components works ideally. This analysis box finds out if the CAN BUS data are in the needed quality to deliver a top conclusion.

If you want further information please send a mail to and with this innovation you will set your company on the top of competition. If you know by reading that you need an immediate customer meeting, please contact (+43) 1 2944711.


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