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MUNEX will be optimally completed by the module VAN SALE, a mobile sale support for travelling salesmen which will be transmitted to the pocket pc of the driver.

The complete charging of the tour takes place before the beginning of the first run with the data from selected customers and requests. The requested amount of predefined articles has to be inserted. After a safety check the tour can be started, the driver will be proposed automatic destinations and the best routes and an integrated satnav will help the driver to reach his goals. Due to the correct inputs, arrival and delivery times will be transparent and dead times will belong to the past.

Tour data will be transmitted automatically to the central office which has a complete overview of the activities of the driver which will be illustrated clearly on an electronic map. If you want to change the tour during the day it is of course possible and again it allows as quick as a flash to satisfy customers wishes. What makes the module VAN SALE so special among other things is the high data security which the module is able to offer. Master data as the names of the customers, address information, delivery orders and prices are keyed on the pocket pc and only available by entry of a login.

Accountings, sales protocols, tour comparisons and use of the vehicles, also printed bills, delivery slip, bank collection or cash payment will be evaluated by the central office because data from the truck will be directly transferred to the system of the merchandise management. Also the previous input of the articles with price and amount at VAN SALE 6.0 saves time and optimizes the competitive advantage compared to other bidders.

No information gets lost by historical view neither at MUNEX nor at VAN SALE and VAN SALE is also easy to handle and ready for action in a few hours VAN SALE responds on individual needs of the customers.

The following inventory management and optimizing tools works with VAN SALE with our customers:

  • SAP
  • Optitool
  • Broware
  • MS Navision
  • XOIL

Only the combination VAN SALE and MUNEX allows the full and optimal control over your vehicle fleet and increase the performance of your enterprise.

By the reason manual reading of the measuring data and the input by the driver is possible pcsysteme offers more innovations and tied the following measuring systems actually to VAN SALE:

  • Because of the successful teamwork with BARTEC customers of pcsysteme are able to come back to the great experience with BARTEC measuring systems. Furthermore it is even in the mineral oil business possible all executed tours from the inventory management pass to BARTEC and the finished missions back again to the inventory management (please take a look at the video BARTEC interface here).
  • And also after a successful teamwork with F.A.Sening ( FMC technologies) it was possible for the first time to print as well calibrated voucher and also a bill from the inventory management on a DIN A 4 printer in the vehicle. Transport documents and protocols can be printed as well so time and charges can be saved.

The placement of our progressive systems takes place quickly and effective in your garages, installation guide and testing software will be of course placed by us. Drivers and dispatchers will get efficient instructions and will increase the effectiveness of their sales activities in connection with VAN SALE.


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