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Easy Planning

A further top product from that makes life easier and offers many advantages! In this case the android mobile or the tab is the terminal which gets not only the news but also which compiles a list of orders and comes up with the positioning of course with navigation support.

On the mobile youll see news, offers and navigation, the last one as 3-D computer-generated image. In addition the display reports what was done, work done disappears automatically on the mobile. Our system offers many advantages- easy handling, no installation needed and for this reason no support.

Easy Planning is a safe application against every way of data theft and besides hardware independent. A tour can be planned on a map and on a view there is besides the geographic planning the time planning which shows up in a calendar and guarantees further overview.

  • The customer calls, a date will be set, suddenly the order entered
  • At the input it will be planned with all information in the order management
  • On the display appears the to-do-list for the respective team and vehicle
  • The team can see at a glance address, delivery date, date agreed for delivery, the rough period of working times and the fitting information for the order (for example the boiler out of order, dogs not snappy, baby is sleeping! And much more)
  • Easy planning impresses with simple gathering and simple handling 
  • No information gets lost and suddenly the whole calendar and the listed offers can be registered

Simply brilliant-brilliantly simple! Dont miss out the newest innovations of and work from now with the tools of the future.


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