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Deutsch|English offers intelligent and convenient vehicle positioning for every vehicle whether car, truck, bike or every type of construction machine doesnt let your vehicle and you down- quite the contrary!

Our modules gear into each other and complement one another and of course they all can be combined:


  • MUNEX, the clever GPS box reports data and information in real-time

  • Safety Driver, the tool which guarantees reduction of CO2 and for an economic handling of your vehicle fleet

  • Easy Planning, the tool-program which registers, plans, arranges and completes

  • Web Visu, a further top product of the line-up which shows the collected data and information as a modern web application

  • The immobilizer, which prevents unauthorized driving and with an additional justification that a vehicle which is driven unwarrantedly outside of Austrian borders could not be started again once shut down.


At the same time one tariff applies all, no hidden extras nor configuration or setup-fees arise- no matter how often data will be recalled! All data will be delivered in real-time and they are thanks to GPS positioning accurate to a meter.


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