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We react before problems occur!

Are you prepared against any threats from the net? Do you have answers to the questions of the minimal computer trouble which can occur day to day?

Internet and mail just take more and more place in our lives but at the same time danger increases. To give you a good feeling we monitor your net from inward and outward and check it constantly. Optimized security is the backbone of every company and often aspects of security will be ignored willingly. Have a profit by our experience and cover up all requests. We x-ray your network and offer you custom-made security solutions. Important for us is to get our customers across to a sense of well-being and offer proactive additional benefit of service.

Important for us is to give our customer a sense of well-being and offer you a pro-active surplus of service what means that we dont only look on your big problems, even little complications will be disposed from us.

YOU HAVE A PROBLEM - WE SOLVE IT: no problem is too small, no problem too big!

Little enterprises are also concerned as big companies. We have an answer for every user problem even if it appears small. We set a high value on services we support your data processing and your server, help with your desk top- or user problems and spruce your Word up. We take official support service seriously and we also help with server re-settings on new technologies just like with configurations of networks, user administration and audits which we compile and prepare documentations for it.

Everyone is concerned and in particular companies which work with sensible and confidential information as medics, pharmacies or lawyers. Banking institutions, insurances and hospitals have to attach great importance to privacy and cannot afford the lowest data leak. Company and business secrets also financial, technical or judicial information have to be protected by all means and it can do big damage when third parties abuse privacy or data confidentiality or shoot down business activities. To exploit advantages of the online world, companies need multi-layered security background which is able to protect personal information safely. The more innovations there are in a branch, the shorter there are development periods the more valuable are the according information.

Causes of problems have to be identified, isolated and cleared quickly software which causes damages on data files and personal computers costs not only trouble and time but also raise immense charges which can risk the neck of the enterprise. Our customers include international business for many years as BP, MOL, Castrol, MMM, Mabanaft.


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