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In times of exploding fuel costs in which no relaxation is in sight, the SAFETY DRIVER turned to the efficient solution for afflicted commuters, heavy road users, car fleets and everyone who is dependent to his vehicle.

The SAFETY DRIVER a little GPS Box with Safety Driver Feature can be attached later and will pay for itself in best time. Insurances, car rentals, taxis, furnishing stores and many others who set value on the condition of their vehicles can profit by this innovation. By high energy prizes, rising awareness of security and ecology an economic driving manner is from highly efficient advantage for companies.

Also when the particulate matter emission is rising the SAFETY DRIVER has become to an essential solution, an innovation of our company which produces constantly increasing customer interest and because of sparing CO2 and fuel is the SAFETY DRIVER one of the top theme of

Our Test driver reduced his use from 8,2 to 6,3 litres and increased his mileage with a full tank from 800 kilometres up to over 1000. With 50 vehicles/ trucks or passenger car with a mileage from 120 000km this means by 5% already a saving from 140 000/year and a saving from CO2 from 264 000lg/year.

Savings up to 15% are realistic.

And thats not the only advantage which the SAFETY DRIVER has to offer:

  • Notification when the increase of speed is too high
  • Notification at emergency braking
  • Excess of speed limits
  • Overview of gliders and racers


By verification of the manner of driving a reduction of abrasion and a gentle handling with resources can be established. Even the driver can be informed by a red control light when he passes over his defaults and that in 3, 5 or 7 seconds (light, mid and massive excess). The safety driver can also be used for coaching for trainers- driving behaviour can be optimized easily good drivers will get better ones.
When car driving should not turn to luxury and beside all concepts of environment protection should stay affordable and ecological awareness and effective protection of your vehicle and of the environment should remain a request then we are looking forward to your call or your email.


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